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Code BA11092930: English Mahogany Wood Cased Compass, c.1850  

This is a very rare English compass made c. 1850 (maybe earlier). It comes in a mahogany case that is still in excellent condition for its age. No damage, only normal signs of use. This case is unusual because it has to screws that go up from the lower part, through the front lid, where there are two hooks to secure the case when it is closed. This design has the advantage of keeping the screws in place even with high pressure applied to them by the hooks. Traditional models have the screws on the side of the lower part. Over the years, they sometimes finish by coming off the case. Once the wood is damaged, it is not easy to replace them. On this one, you won't have this problem. The compass has a beautifully detailed silver colored dial. There is also a raised chapter ring divided in degrees numbered quarters. The needle design is unusual. It has a jeweled cap and finds North easily and precisely. The transit lock is activated when the lid is closed. The flat round glass crystal that covers the compass is in excellent condition free of scratches or chips. It measures 86 x 86 x 20 mm, and the inner compass has a 78mm diameter. This is a rare and quality compass certainly made by a quality maker.