The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA141109673: French Hunter Compass, c. 1920

This is a French hunter compass dating from c. 1920. It comes with a silver and cloth attachment with German markings. It has a brass plated case in nice condition without dings or dents. It has a strong hinge and the push button is in working order. When pressed the front lid springs open and does not travel beyond the right angle. Inside front lid it is marked with serial number 2. It has a quality bar needle with a jewelled brass cap. It points North easily and precisely. When the lid is closed, it activates the transit lock to prevent wear to the pivot when the compass is not in use. The dial is marked BONO Y BRUSCHI, Buenos Aires. The compass is covered with a slightly convex bevelled glass crystal free of chips and scratches. Measures 47mm in diameter excluding the ring.